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About MASS Hoisting License

Leaders in Excavation Safety, Personnel & Material Lift Safety & Compliance Training.

MASS Hoisting License is owned and operated by Rick Staples whose work experience in the construction industry began at a young age and continues today. Beginning in 1986 with operating equipment, Rick then began inspecting equipment in 2001 & has been inspecting and training since 2008.

New York City hired Rick in 2008 after the tower crane collapse that killed nine to inspect more than 400 cranes, design an inspection program and train current city inspectors.

After completion of this year-long project, Rick launched the National Hoisting Authority, NHA, and has trained thousands of workers in the classroom and with his online system, Educated Operator.


Rick's companies are an approved provider, #000028 for continuing education in the state of Massachusetts. Test Prep classes are held in various cities around Massachusetts and online and have helped future operators receive their license and to stay safe in the workplace.

The online classes through Educated Operator are offered nationally. Classroom & practical courses have started in New England states and will soon be available nationwide.

So ask yourself - "WHO SHOULD I TRAIN WITH?" It's Simple - MASS Hoisting License!

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